Who is the artist behind ARTsy clothing???


it's me - Ruta. As far as I can remember myself - I always loved drawing. For some weird reason I wanted to be an architect. So I studied Interior design, then architecture at University of Brighton. Finally I have my diploma, but architecture is not the career I am after anymore. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad I've studied it and received enormous amount of knowledge, 'upgraded' my skills, etc. But now I am the happiest person because I can do what I enjoy the most - see how something I draw/created lands on a t-shirt, baby clothes, tote. Be in this creative process, touch every t-shirt, always think about every part of business is overwhelming sometimes (always...), but this is my world now. It's my baby (and I have two kids as well, haha).

When I was maybe 6-7 years old, the little business woman in me was born. I started all kinds of business inside our home and my parents and siblings were my 'testers'. They had to buy my newspaper(s), massage, cleaning service, all kinds of craft (for sale of course), car washing, breakfast to bed services. I even started a detective/spy career, but baring in mind that where I lived was (and still is) only a teeny tiny village, there was not much too spy on... They (family) never told me to stop bothering them and kept buying from me, so I can only say HUGE thanks for support and probably the very beginning of me as a business owner.

Now, as a mum of two, I can say that keeping a creative business alive is definitely a juggle. But it's worth it! 

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