Inspiration source No 2 - Twin Peaks

So it is Twin peaks. Cult tv series by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Even though it was created in 90's, I could watch it over and over again and I still find something unique and different every time. The TV series itself combines the whole range of styles like drama, comedy, horror, mystery. I love the way David Lynch chooses the actors/actresses - some of them where not actors before Twin peaks.

Did you know that the main 'evil' Bob from Twin peaks was a set dresser and not an actor? When Lynch saw his accidental reflection on the mirror, he kept Frank Silva (Killer Bob) in the show. Just like that.




I admire David Lynch's ability to create such a powerful piece that doesn't lose it's power over time. The fashion is still very much fashionable and the people in Twin peaks are pretty. It still interests you even though it was made over 25 years ago.

There's something about Twin peaks that makes me want to know everything about: how it was made, why they say things they said, or what it meant, or what it supposed to mean. Every single character is very unique, strong and different from what you've ever seen or experienced before.

The music is to die for. It is so strong, emotional, powerful. The composer is Angelo Badallamenti. They worked together in so many other movies and their collaboration is perfect.

There's a great website where someone (a die-hard fan of Twin Peaks, obviously) check every single location of filming and post pictures of Now and Then. I'll update the post when I find it again. Here's 10 locations of Twin Peaks that you can visit (if you're lucky enough to live in Washington state or nearby)

I created two designs inspired by Twin Peaks. The owls are not what they seem in black and white:


And the other one that was inspired by famous Dale Cooper's quote about coffee:


And now I am waiting for a season three of Twin Peaks that supposed to be ready in 2017. Can't wait for another masterpiece from David Lynch and hopefully another beautiful sources of inspiration.


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