Inspiration source - Placebo part 2.

So here I am again. With new designs available.

The first one - Rat race t-shirt. Inspired while listening to the Placebo MTV unplugged. 


The performance of Placebo was kind of magic. I enjoyed the sound, voice and the impressive visuals very much. This band inspires me big time and I am thankful them for that!

Most of the times I draw the very first idea that pops on my mind while listening to their songs and usually it is direct reply to their lyrics. Usually I just draw without much thinking or in other words - I let my creativity flow on paper and refuse to label it or put a meaning. I am a strong believer that everyone can add their own 'translation', meaning or 'message' to the art/drawing/design.

So this is the short one, hope you enjoy the Race for Rats design and I'll see you soon, my friends.

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