Christmas Gift guide: 10 picks for the kids

When the magical Christmas time starts creeping on us, it's better to be WELL prepared. Even though we still have more than 2 months, there is no such thing as too early. Getting presents for the little ones is one of my favourite thing. If you're like me your kids (or your nieces/nephews/grandchildren) probably already have the trendiest/newest/coolest toys OR to be honest just way too many of them. Sometimes it's good to add some variety with new cool clothes. So they can show off their personality and style.
These are 10 favourite picks for Christmas 2019:
best friend painted pet portrait
If you have a pet that your child adores, nothing beats this special T-shirt. It is hand painted directly on the tee. It can be  a dog/cat/parrot/ferret/horse - you name it. All you need is a good quality picture. We'll do the rest!
This tee is perfect for a little ballerina. The foxy is hand painted.
 Yet another t-shirt, BUT.. with YOUR child art on it. Send us a pic of a doodle/sketch/painting and we'll do the magic. A budding artist will be overjoyed!
Leggings with a twist as we called them. Neon pink flamingos, funky bunnies or minimal closed/open eyes print. They comfy and cool.
A little pocket mirror. Because all the girls need to check how awesome they look. Available in 5 different designs.
make up bag
A pencil/accessories or cosmetics bag? With cute Golden tiger print.
leopard kids hoodieSleeping leopard hoodies. We have the matching unisex adult hoodie too.
Matching seagulls shirts. Don't forget the smallest member of the family!
Love these practical and cute canvas organisers! We use them for sorting the playmobils (people, animals, plants), dolls and accessories. It is so much easier to keep the room tidy when kids know what goes where.
A tote bag with a fun print is the easiest way to 'upgrade' your gift. It's practical and it's pretty and it's a bag for life. We love our new bags that are super strong and lovely grey colour.
We're looking forward to the festive season. The best advice about gifts is to start early. The second best advice is to really think about the person you are trying to surprise/please or make smile. If you have a special idea that you want us to make on a clothing item or bag - don't be shy we're just an email away!
with love,

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