How do you come up with new designs?

It's the question we often get. I remember there were times when I was laughing when someone suggested I should introduce new design every week. It seemed mission impossible. In time, however, I have trained myself to create regularly. I do not need to wait for inspiration or that special moment when I feel urge to create. I have learned to push myself a little bit.


Sometimes the idea pops up in my head and I try to draw it straight away. I do not look for similar images online and do not check IF there is something like that already. I believe that it can block the original idea. Unfortunately not every time I get it right. Sometimes my head is where it (the idea) needs to stay..

ballerina foxes illustration

Well Foxes are our main focus and most popular designs. So it was no brainer to create some more...foxes. There are times when I don't feel connected to what I draw or feel doubtful if I need to share it with you. But this time I was sure and proud :)



When I have something specific in mind (usually it's an animal), I scroll online images to find unique pose that could be my starting point. Interestingly most of the times I end up creating a different object than what I have looked for.

donkey illustration drawing











For example this donkey wasn't what I was looking for. I really wanted to do a Zebra drawing, but here it is. Donkey selfie :)



A customer/friend asks for a specific design and we add it to the shop. Simple as that. It is sometimes challenging but very refreshing to create something completely different or something that I have never thought of.

baby kite surf bodysuit

My friend asked for a kiteboarding design. She did not buy it in the end, however it's been 4 years since and it is one of the most popular designs in our Baby section. Especially baby/daddy matching shirts.



This one might sound the easiest way. Taking one of the successful designs and adding/subtracting details to/from it. Sometimes it works and we have yet another successful illustration. Sometimes it doesn't.

fox on a bikefox on a skate print

Fox on a bike is still going strong (by the way I created it as a gift to my nephew. It look literally a minute to sketch it), but it's 'brother' on a skate is not that successful.

Comment below if you have any questions about a specific design or want to know some more about ARTsy clothing. We're always looking ideas for our blog!

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