Matching outfits: yes or no?

What do you think about matching outfits? Do you like them, wear them, hate them?

Parents tend to dress twins in the same outfits, sometimes not only twins, but siblings in general (I am guilty of that too). There is mirroring and matching in the nature/animals. Our pets mimic us too. Partners become more and more similar to each other.

When testing new designs I do a trial for the whole of my family too. Usually the same design but different colour t-shirts/jumpers, so not identical. 

I find it fun and like creating designs that are matching but not too 'matchy-matchy'. For example, Seagulls t-shirt with one screaming and one not screaming seagull - just a simple and fun way of connecting with your partner, or your offspring.

matching couple t-shirts seagulls

Or similar style Hedgehogs shirts for her and him. Monochrome is also so easy to style and pair with.

hedgehogs couple t-shirts

Oh, and let's not forget about Matching Christmas outfits - well mostly matching pyjamas or xmas jumpers. This year this new Fox in a Christmas tree was created and landed on White/Red baseball style long sleeved shirts for the whole family. It has a good balance between quirky and fun.

matching family christmas pyjamas

If you have an idea for the matching t-shirts/outfits - let us know - we'd like to help out and make something unique and custom. Email us to:

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