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How to juggle kids and work from home?

Sometimes (no - quite often I would say!) people ask me: how do you do it? 'It' is opening a small store within a Indoor market (see first article in this blog) having online shop making all the products myself (did I mention that ARTsy clothing is a solo business?) marketing and promotions creating designs/drawing taking care of 6 months old and 2.5 yo daughters  Well, the answer is not straightforward and simple. I struggle sometimes and loose patience and feel like everyone is against me. And that no one is helping me. Right this moment, my youngest is trying to put her chubby legs on the keyboard and probably make her input to this blog. The other one is...

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Who is the artist behind ARTsy clothing???

Hi! it's me - Ruta. As far as I can remember myself - I always loved drawing. For some weird reason I wanted to be an architect. So I studied Interior design, then architecture at University of Brighton. Finally I have my diploma, but architecture is not the career I am after anymore. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad I've studied it and received enormous amount of knowledge, 'upgraded' my skills, etc. But now I am the happiest person because I can do what I enjoy the most - see how something I draw/created lands on a t-shirt, baby clothes, tote. Be in this creative process, touch every t-shirt, always think about every part of business is overwhelming sometimes (always...), but...

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