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How do you come up with new designs?

It's the question we often get. I remember there were times when I was laughing when someone suggested I should introduce new design every week. It seemed mission impossible. In time, however, I have trained myself to create regularly. I do not need to wait for inspiration or that special moment when I feel urge to create. I have learned to push myself a little bit. 1. POP UPS Sometimes the idea pops up in my head and I try to draw it straight away. I do not look for similar images online and do not check IF there is something like that already. I believe that it can block the original idea. Unfortunately not every time I get it...

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Win a backpack!

Want to win this cute backpack? Head over to our instagram and check your luck. All you have to do is: follow us on Instagram >>> @artsyclothing and tag your friend in the comments. The winner will be announced on Friday, the 1st of September. Wanna know more about the prize? Head over here 

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Hand painted pet portraits: how we do it?

UPDATED September 2019. Creating and painting those custom pet portrait seems to be a very fulfilling and intriguing job! As the owner of two doggies (14yo Wire fox terrier and 7yo Jack Russel mix) I understand very well what is the love to your best friend. They are loyal, they are cute, they are funny. We received a huge amount of wonderful pictures of your pets in our last competition (to win a t-shirt). It was super difficult to choose one. They were all just too cute! But in the end we did it. So now I want to share the process in detail of how we make those portraits.  So first - the picture. For the best result we need...

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