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Christmas gifts guide: picks for MEN

Our statistics are clear - the biggest gift buyers are women. Most of the times they buy for their men: partners, brothers, fathers. I personally love to take time and carefully select a gift for a special someone. Sometimes I even draw a 'map' of what that person likes, what he's into. It definitely helps when buying for HIM. Some men have everything, some doesn't know what they want or need or don't really care about gifts.  There is no doubt - they all wear T-shirts. Here is a special ARTsy clothing collection of my personal favourites (included some hoodies too!) that are great gifts and will make your men happy. 1. Custom dog t-shirt. It's popular all year round...

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Valentine's day

So how is it going, huh? Seems like the Holidays were ages ago! What's next? Valentine's day! Some say it is not a real thing, some say it is just another reason to buy stuff, some say you don't need a reminder on the calendar to love somebody. WE SAY, that we need to show love in all ways possible as often as possible. With or without gifts. Kind word, a compliment, a helping hand, a hug can do wonders.  But what if your loved one is away and you want to make him/her smile and give something unique and special? What if you have a nice tradition to GIVE a bit more on Valentines day? Head over to our Matching...

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