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6 issues as an independent clothing brand

Let's start with this: I am not complaining. Life is great when you can be creatively free and be your own boss. However, we are still a small business. And being small means you do everything. The only product in our shop that is being outsourced is pocket mirror. All other items are being designed and made 'in house'. I wanted to share our biggest obstacles that comes with this business and show THAT bit of our daily life. Issue No 1. Deciding on new styles/colours/prints It might be easy for a big company with a huge budget to do a research, but it is a bit different when you're small. I think I've already mentioned in my previous blogs that...

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Time to review and reflect

So it is my birthday week. I think it's kind of a time to reflect and review. When I moved to UK from Lithuania 10 years ago I couldn't in a million years imagine that I will be starting a business. On my own! My dream and target was to study architecture and at some point joining architecture practice. I enrolled University of Brighton and have studied architecture But I even though I've learned a lot, opened my eyes, met lots of new people - I realised that architecture is not what I really want. I felt that I need to do something creative and was always always drawing. Everywhere. Everything.  I was about to move to London with my boyfriend...

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