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How do you come up with new designs?

It's the question we often get. I remember there were times when I was laughing when someone suggested I should introduce new design every week. It seemed mission impossible. In time, however, I have trained myself to create regularly. I do not need to wait for inspiration or that special moment when I feel urge to create. I have learned to push myself a little bit. 1. POP UPS Sometimes the idea pops up in my head and I try to draw it straight away. I do not look for similar images online and do not check IF there is something like that already. I believe that it can block the original idea. Unfortunately not every time I get it...

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The life of new

New designs are like giving a birth. You never know what you're going to get. And you love it so much. But you're not sure if someone else will. Anyone? Sometimes it is cruel and sad. Sometimes unexpected. But it's never dull. Sometimes we design/draw something in 2 seconds and it becomes customers favourite without us even realising why.  Thank you for being our follower (we prefer call you friends). You help us grow. Adjust. Be. Evolve. Try again. Give birth. Without you? We're nothing. And yes Placebo is playing in the background. p.s. the main image of this post is Royal Birds. The design that we pour our hearts into it, but never sold one item with it. I guess...

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