Top 6 T-shirt Design Trends for 2023

The Top 6 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2023

Few items of clothing carry the same level of comfort, casualness, versatility, and style of a t-shirt. Graphic or plain, t-shirts are considered an essential wardrobe item for many people across the world. A well-designed t-shirt can lift your spirits and elevate your style. Unique, funky t-shirts are also a great way to experiment with a bolder style without getting too far out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking for some ways to update your tees in 2023, here are six of the top t-shirt design trends to look out for.

  1. T-Shirts for Impact

Right now, people are looking to make a statement with their t-shirts. Go for a tee that takes a strong stance on a cause you care about, like animal cruelty, equity, politics or ending everyday sexism. Some beautiful typeface paired with powerful words makes for a t-shirt that will not only look great, but will make you feel great about the statement you’re making.

 white t-shirt with blue yellow ukraine style foxblack t shirt with white song lyrics quote

  1. Fun Typography

Celebrate graphic artists and illustrators by picking up a t-shirt with fun, quirky typography and a catchy slogan. Colourful lettering on your t-shirt can bring even the drabbest or plainest outfits to life.

colourful typography t shirt womenred t-shirt white numbers


  1. Hand Drawn Animals

In 2023, we are showing love to the furry friends around us with unique t-shirt designs of hand drawn animals. ARTsy clothing, an indie clothing brand based in Brighton, UK, offers a wide variety of these quirky tees with high-quality designs. Their Dog Face T-Shirt featuring an up close and personal look down the snout of man’s best friend is a great addition to any dog/animal lover’s tee repertoire. Plus, the unique and hand drawn look of all of ARTsy’s t-shirts elevates the look of the t-shirt, so you look like you’re wearing a work of art.

woman wearing white t-shirt with dog face printed on itwhite men t-shirt with orange fox walking


  1. Human Figures

In the age of body acceptance, it’s far more common to see folks sporting t-shirts designed with illustrated human figures. Wearing shirts that celebrate humanity in its most basic sense helps show off your goals of cultivating an open and unified world. Many t-shirts feature a stylized and artistic take on human bodies, using exaggerated lines or repeating patterns.


white men t shirt with little stick figures
  1. Landscapes and Geography

Everyone loves celebrating their roots, and t-shirts are an ideal way to do that. Right now, t-shirts that show off cities or landscapes from specific parts of the world are in. You’ll feel proud to wear a t-shirt that features a unique segment of your hometown, like the London Eye or the Berlin city map.


  1. Rainbows

After 2020, we could all use a few more rainbows in our lives. Spread joy through your t-shirt design with a cutesy hand drawn rainbow motif on a plain short sleeve tee. Bonus points if the rainbow graphic is stylized in some way to give it a unique edge.


In 2023, t-shirts are way in, especially t-shirts featuring any of the designs above. Liven up your look with a collection of fun, artistic, or quirky t-shirts that show off your personal style and your personality at the same time.

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