What UNISEX means to you?

Unisex means a 'style designed to be suitable for both sexes'. 

When you think of this word 'unisex' - what is the most important thing to describe it?

Unisex colour? Unisex fit? Unisex pattern? 

Let's discuss the colour first. There's a stereotype (that I would love to kill one day) that pink is for girls only. Why oh why? With my oldest daughter I used to avoid pink so badly, that people used to say that she looks like a boy (all in navy or always in pants and t-shirts). With my second one I am not so against pink as I used to be. But there are so many colours that can suit boys too and pink is one of them. Let's forget that only green and yellow are considered to be unisex colours and remind ourselves of the bright rainbow - it's full of colour, right?

Unisex fit. Does that mean not too tight for boys? No leggings for boys? No polo t-shirts for girls?  Let's make our and our kids life easier and forget about cliches.

Pattern. No flowers for boys, no cars for girls. My 3 year-old screams in joy when sees a kids car that she can get into. So I can't see why she would not enjoy mini tractors on her leggings or top?

Sometimes we as parents put too much in our little ones head without even thinking. Sometimes we put our fears, intolerance out to them. And sometimes we forget that these little ones can make up their minds just as good as we do and maybe even better. Their 'hard drive' is still pretty much empty and we should let their creativity and mind open up as much as possible. Don't you agree? ;)



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