Order packing is one of my favourite part...

Packaging orders is my favourite part of the day. Neatly folding the clothes (perfecting this skill each and every day), thinking of how to pack 3 items together, so it fits the mailer bag and also looks nice and pretty when you open it up. Thank you sticker - to remind you that you're buying from a small business that knows you by name, that cares about your feedback and opinion. 

I shop online myself A LOT (in fact I prefer online shopping to 'real life' shopping) and it makes me happy when the packages arrives nicely packed. I feel that is the first thing that a company/brand can make right. I had this package coming from France awhile ago, when the kids swimming suit just slipped out of the mailing bag. No packaging at all - no tissue paper, not even a simple bag. There is no way to remember where you've bought it, who made it, do they care about their own product? Did they forget? These were the thoughts that ran through my mind. And later made me experience with different packing materials, sticker size and what to put where. We at Artsy clothing would like to make it right.

What do you guys think about packaging?


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