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3 Wardrobe Essentials for Ladies in 2021

The pandemic has left many living their daily lives in sweatpants and pajamas with nowhere to go. The vaccine rollout has people around the world waiting to unveil a fresh new style — with authenticity and uniqueness taking the forefront. While we absolutely love when people express themselves through style as we do when we design our clothing, it’s also important to note that everyone needs some basic wardrobe essentials in their closet. Here are three wardrobe essentials that you can rock in 2021 whether you love black or you want to bring the 90’s back:   A Little Black Dress Little black dresses are essential to have in your closet — they’re amazing pieces because you can either dress the...

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6 issues as an independent clothing brand

Let's start with this: I am not complaining. Life is great when you can be creatively free and be your own boss. However, we are still a small business. And being small means you do everything. The only product in our shop that is being outsourced is pocket mirror. All other items are being designed and made 'in house'. I wanted to share our biggest obstacles that comes with this business and show THAT bit of our daily life. Issue No 1. Deciding on new styles/colours/prints It might be easy for a big company with a huge budget to do a research, but it is a bit different when you're small. I think I've already mentioned in my previous blogs that...

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